My Philosophy as it Applies to Design and Craftsmanship

Whether creating an original design or creating a piece of work similar to the old classics, getting the design right is the essential first step.

It is essential that one follows the simple old rule that “form follows function” in setting down the details of a design, and the details must take into account the human scale. Any variation from this will result in an unsatisfactory project.

It is equally important that all the details of that design be executed with reverence for the final outcome of the project. The details of the project must be executed with woodworking skills, not general carpentry!

In my opinion there are three ways to design and construct a garden structure:

  1. So that there is general satisfaction by the client.
  2. So that the structure is of magazine quality and I and the client find satisfaction in the completion of the project.
  3. So that the structure is of magazine cover quality and I and the client are delighted with the outcome of the project.

If I am given liberty to follow the above rules, and given the time to develop the necessary elements of the design, I have found that not only am I satisfied but the structure owner finds that they have received more than they expected.