Lisa Declark - Minneapolis, MN

Project #1

Hal Morris is an artist in fencing and pergola construction. He designed two beautiful structures for my back yard. He built a pergola for shade and privacy and a back fence and gate. Hal is an artist. He presented designs and took into account my very specific requests. The workmanship that Hal and his team demonstrated is beyond compare. All of the pieces were crafted beautifully with a fine (artist's) eye to numerous details. The backyard was kept neat and clean throughout the project. It was a wonderful experience working with Hal, and I will hire him for future projects.

Project #2

Hal Morris completed fencing work for me last summer when I learned he is also a handyman. This winter he refinished the walls and ceilings in a bathroom and library. He added a ceiling fan to the library. He also fixed water damage to the ceiling in my kitchen, where it was tough to match the plaster pattern. Also, he painted many of the ceilings and some of my walls. Hal and his crew did an excellent job on all of my projects.

Project #3

Hal is skilled and reliable. Finally, he is trustworthy with your projects. He goes the extra mile for his clients! Hal managed the projects for me. All I needed to do was tell him what I wanted, and he took care of everything. He recommended materials and gave me good information to make decisions. Hal and his crew completed the projects and left my house very neat and clean. I highly recommend Hal as a handyman. PS-He loves animals and pays special attention to mine when he is at my house working on a project.

Project #4

Hal and I have been working together on several interior and exterior projects over the past three or four years. The most recent project was the completion of the backyard fencing, including a gate. As always, Hal expertly managed the project. The quality of his work is always high. The fence is gorgeous with Hal's sense of artistry clearly evident. I find that Hal is extraordinarily conscientious and a very effective communicator. He and his team are reliable, and Hal actively supervises the team to ensure that the work meets his high standards. Hal and his team's work is completed quickly and timely, and the work site is always neat and clean. Hal and his team are very careful to respect my neighbors' property during the tear down and construction phases and to keep my dogs' needs in mind (they always installed temporary fences over night so that the dogs could run during the evening). It is hard for me to find words to describe the skill and artistry that Hal brings to fencing project. I recommend referring to his website at

I highly recommend Hal and Garden Structures and More for backyard fencing projects. Hal listens to me and designs structures that match my tastes. He provides me with guidance and suggestions that are truly helpful. I don't spend any time managing Hal's projects or checking his work as I know that Hal has such high standards for his work. Hal is very good at communicating with me. I always know the status of a project because Hal has always contacted me before I can even think about calling him. In the end, Hal makes it really easy for me to get projects completed, which is something that I value in a contractor. As an aside, Hal's skills and reliability extend to interior projects. Hal has built two stair cases, refinished bathroom walls and ceiling, and completed other projects for me. Hal is very knowledgeable, reliable, and skilled about interior projects. Again, I highly recommend Hal and Garden Structures and More.

Cameron Zebrun - Minneapolis, MN

Once it began, construction was swift and precise. The level of craftsmanship is exemplary! When completed the fence was the final touch on years of gardening and landscaping. It really ties all of the elements of our landscape together, not only physically but visually as well! Great work! We will readily hire Hal and his crew again for the next phase of our landscape improvements!

Janet Pine - Bloomington, MN

We couldn't be happier with the project!! The design and construction are first-class. Hal and his crew arrived with a plan and got right to work. At the end of each day, they left the work site clean and orderly. Quality of materials used and craftsmanship were excellent. I got more than my money's worth. We saw some of his previous jobs. Hal offered us something unique - not just a slick brochure of options. We will definitely contact Hal again with any future projects.

Jennifer Thompson - Saint Paul, MN

Hal and his team built us a beautiful 20' x 14' deck, with a 10' x 14' pergola, as well as 3 trellises and a fence for our garden. Our intentions at the time were to build a new deck using composite decking and metal railings. After meeting with Hal, we scrapped our plans completely. Hal discussed the pros and cons of composite materials, and compared them to a natural wood product (in this case...pressure treated southern yellow pine). Further, he recommended we consider a pergola. Ultimately, we ended up putting our plans on hold based on Hal's recommendations. Fast forward…We again contacted Hal and let him know we were ready to move forward with our project. He came out to our home to measure everything and prepare a quote for us. One quick note of caution here: Hal is a true craftsman and manages his business well. That said, I would not expect "ballpark" quotes, itemized invoices, etc. If you're going to work with him, you'll need to be prepared to work on Hal's schedule. This includes when he'll have a quote prepared for you, and when he'll be able to start the work. Rest assured however, he will vastly exceed your expectations if you're willing to be patient with the process. Despite the challenging weather, the project was completed on time and, frankly, blew us away. His work is extraordinary, and displays the true skill of a master carpenter. His crew was polite, friendly, clean, and hard working. It was also abundantly evident that he cares about his team and is willing to take the time to teach them his craft. On balance, we simply could not be happier. The deck, the pergola, the trellises, and fence are all beautiful. Our friends and neighbors can't say enough about Hal's work. I can say with certainty...we'll be enjoying Hal's craftsmanship for years to come! Thank you for a job very well done.

Janet Burger - Minnetonka, MN

They removed a section of old wood privacy fence, a wood gate, two small sections of chain link fence and a chain link gate, and hauled off all the old materials. Hal designed a 5' tall wood fence, 4 ' lower section with a 1' top section of vertical/horizontal lattice. It was installed where the old wood fence had been, along the back lot line where chain link had been, and on a small section opposite the back lot line that replaced a small section of chain link and included a new wooden gate with a small arbor. The original single wood gate was replaced on the other side of the lot with a double wood gate (6' wide total) and a very sturdy arbor above it.

Let me say, there are fencing companies, and then, there is Garden Structures & More. You really cannot even begin to compare the two. Hal is a top-notch craftsman from start to finish. This was not a typical fencing job, where sections are brought in, posts are set into the ground and the sections attached to the posts. This was an entirely different experience. The fence was built on site, board by board. The vertical boards in the lattice actually go all the way down to the bottom of the fence. Of course, doing it that way requires a bit of a mathematical genius, when you are dealing with different width boards in between the lattice boards-- especially when you get into the corners where sections need to be a different width from the standard size. I also realized how much care was taken in dealing with the slight level differences in my yard. Hal was careful to make adjustments when possible, so that the top line of the fence remained level, even though the ground did not. It is sturdier than any fence I've ever seen, and the attention to detail is wonderful. Every side of each board is routered to give it a softer edge. The posts don't need a cap. The tops are routered the same as the rest of the fence, and they look simple and clean, a lovely complement to the clean lines of the fence as a whole. The double gate with arbor is really beautiful. I'm not a fan of black hardware, and Hal supplied some beautiful stainless that looks so much nicer. Hal started right on schedule, and ended exactly when he said he would. And, he is very thoughtful. Not only did he build me a beautiful fence, but he put up a bird feeder that I hadn't gotten around to doing myself, and even brought my garbage cans into the garage on garbage day! In the days since the fence was completed, I have received many compliments on the fence and arbors from people walking by. And, they have also commented on what a nice crew installed my fence-- that it seemed like a great group of guys. I would use Garden Structures and More again, in a heartbeat. It was a great experience!

Leanne Arons - Brooklyn Center, MN

We bought a house this spring and put up an above ground pool just like the one we had previously at our old house as soon as we moved in.

Once the pool was up we needed a small deck built off of the side of the pool for access, and we needed our backyard enclosed with fencing for code and safety purposes. All 3 of our new neighbors already had backyard fences in place. So we needed a fence with gate added between our house and garage, and a fence with gate on the opposite side of our house to meet the neighbor’s fence so that our backyard could then be fully enclosed.

We had several contractors out to bid on the job for us. Hal's bid came in dollar wise right in line with the others (he was either comparable or lower than everyone else). But Hal's plan was spectacular! Everyone else bid out just a plain fence, simple plain gates, and a standard deck. Hal stood back and took a look at the yard, the pool placement, and then thought about our space and needs as a whole, overall picture. Consequently, everything in his design was functional, unique and a work of art! He didn't just bid for a plain fence, he looked at the fact that the fence we were adding was on the street side of the yard.

Hal planned a fence then that would be free of visible gaps so that our privacy would be maximized. The gates he proposed were designed to be eye catching design statements that added to the street curb appeal of our home. The larger gate between the house and garage was built with a large, dramatic trellis/pergola stretching over the gate intended to hold a wisteria vine. The side gate is a smaller version of the big main gate and was built to hold climbing roses. The deck Hal designed is perfect for its intended use as an access point to the pool. Hal made it so sturdy and strong that I'm sure the deck will far outlast the pool. He even included a latching gate at the bottom of the pool deck to create an extra safety barrier to prevent small children from taking an accidental "swim".

Hal further looked around the yard and felt there was a need for privacy around the pool area, and so he included in his proposal a variety of large, strategically placed trellis structures to create that needed privacy and further define the yard into outdoor "rooms". The ugly equipment area where the pool plumbing and filtering takes place was fenced into a small yard of its own with a pretty picket fence and its own trellised gate to enter and exit the equipment yard.

Additional free standing trellises were installed along the north property line to soften the harsh glare of a neighbors bright white resin fence and finally Hal included a screened area to hide our garbage cans from sight. Hal and his crew were a pleasure to work with. Anytime there was a discretionary call to make, Hal would consult me to be sure he was following my wishes. His crew cleaned up after themselves daily and everyone was polite and friendly.

Hal's quality of work is amazing. He cuts no corners, and he makes sure no one else does either! My husband screwed down into the deck a stabilizing bar for the steps that go down into the pool. When Hal saw the next day that my hubby had used a type of screw that would rust over time, Hal quietly replaced them with stainless steel. All the wood was nicely sanded smooth and its a pleasure to touch it. I was actually sorry to see Hal finish up the project and move on to another job. It was nice having him and his staff around the house. Now I just need to think up another project or two to have him come back!

Paul Wright - Rosemount, MN

I talked to Hal on the phone and described my ideas. Hal came out for further discussion and to measure. About 2.5 weeks later they were able to get started. They did some construction ahead of time in their shop Dug holes, some if which were very difficult because of tree roots. Erected trellises around perimeter of yard.

For a number of years I had been trying to figure out how to get some privacy in our fish bowl back yard surrounded by a 4-foot chain link fence which I found to be very unattractive. It has been difficult to plant for privacy along the fence because there is so much shade. I had thought about having a nice wood fence built but a six foot wood fence wouldn’t help that much because all our neighbors have decks plus fences seem kind of unfriendly and un-neighborly.

That is when I started to observe trellises in other people’s yards and it finally dawned on me that trellises could help accomplish the privacy I was longing for and yet seem neighbor friendly. I went to their website and was very excited about the pictures he had posted of their other projects. I called Hal and he came out and we talked about my ideas. He seemed to fall right in with what I was thinking. He wasn’t able to get to my project immediately but he was able to work my job in among his other jobs so the wait was not very long. When Hal and his crew of 3 get going they work very hard and are amazingly productive. By the way digging some of the holes was a nightmare because of the tree roots. They do a lot of the prep work and construction in their shop ahead of time. I am wild about my trellises. They are accomplishing exactly what I envisioned. They are built strategically in the open areas along the fence line on all three sides if the back yard. They are handsome and substantial. Nothing like the trellises you find in the nurseries. I have already gotten compliments from the neighbors. They look nice from both sides of the fence. My friends think it is a brilliant solution. I am already thinking about other projects I want GARDEN STRUCTURES & MORE to do. Perhaps a nice garden shed and maybe some kind of shelter to hang a hammock. I couldn’t be happier with their work and my lovely private garden paradise I am in the process of accomplishing. My thanks go out to Hal and your crew.

Erin Odean - Saint Paul, MN

Project #1

We were looking to build a new and unique fence for our yard. We got quotes from the "big" fence companies but were not happy with the expensive price tags for generic designs. Hal, however, worked with us within our budget to design a unique and eye-catching piece for our yard. The actual construction was completed well ahead of schedule and there were no cost overruns. The fence was wonderfully designed and was built with great attention to detail. Hal's unique design and choice of exceptional materials has really added phenomenal curb appeal to our home. We've received nothing but glowing compliments from our neighbors, friends, and family. We would highly, highly recommend using Hal for any type of fence or garden structure.

Project #2

We have used Hal's services in the past for the construction of our backyard fence and were extremely pleased with the design and functionality of the fence. When my husband and I decided to venture into the world of urban chickens we were confronted with the task of finding them a suitable home that would not only be secure and weather proof but also would complement our backyard landscaping. After searching online for months we were not convinced that any of the retailed coops would be sound enough to withstand the Minnesota element and keep out predators. Remembering Hal's beautiful work on our fence I decided to contact him on the off chance he would be willing to construct a chicken coop for our girls. Hal was very willing to try his hand at our chicken coop and met with us several times to understand the design that we wanted. Being that this was Hal's first coop he went above and beyond to educate himself on the basics of coop design and took into account all the aspects our girls would need to have a safe and comfortable home. He even designed an ingenious way for cleaning out the coop, by installing a trap door on the bottom on the coop that we could pull out for cleaning. Hal constructed our coop and delivered it to our property in only a few weeks. He even went to the trouble of installing it in our backyard so that my husband and I did not need to maneuver it over our fence. The coop also compliments our fence and was built with the same material so that both will age well together. The coop passed the inspection with the city of St. Paul and during strong storms this summer has kept our girls safe and dry.

Victoria Chemistruck - Minneapolis, MN

The fence Hal built around my property in South Minneapolis is absolutely beautiful. For the price listed, he removed my old, rusted chain link fence and installed a custom, hand-built fence around the entire back yard. Unlike other fence builders with whom I met, Hal makes the fence himself, piece-by-piece, and puts everything together on location. Construction took a few weeks due to a thoroughly disappointing situation with the neighbors as well as very frequent rain, but Hal always returned my phone calls and kept me updated. He also responded professionally and kindly to a last-minute change in design. I simply love spending time in my new backyard! I couldn’t be happier with the work Hal has done on my property.

Janet Kinney - Saint Paul, MN

Hal designed, built and installed a fence and gate that incorporated challenging elevations. We wanted something that had design and style and yet solved the problem of keeping a large dog enclosed. Hal solved the problems and produced a most pleasing garden feature as well as providing a practical solution.I enjoyed the process. I was willing to be flexible on dates as he explained he was working on several other projects. The weather and installation conditions proved difficult at times, but Hal kept me well informed. The original installation didn't quite work! A small space between the fence and the gate proved to be just large enough for the dog to make an escape. Hal responded immediately and redesigned and rebuilt that section to be escape proof. Hal also shared great ideas about flowering vines that we will be planting this spring. The fence is a great addition to our outdoor living space.

Elle Grothaus - Minnetrista, MN

Hal is great to work with. He built us a composite deck and lattice around it. He is a real craftsman and takes great pride in his work. He worked with us throughout the process and made changes as we proceeded through the process. We would recommend him to anyone.

Virginijus Scerbinskas - Minneapolis, MN

Hal designed and built a 6' tall privacy fence running approximately 100', enclosing our back yard. There are three gates, (one with an arbor) and trellises on the long runs of fencing and over the other gates. I got four estimates from different companies, and Hal stood out head and shoulders above the others from the start. As we discussed the project I could tell he was looking at it not only from a practical standpoint, but from a design perspective as well. He took notes and measurements and said he had some ideas, and he'd have to figure out the numbers and get back to me. Less than a week later we met again to go over his ideas and get the project on the calendar. He was extremely flexible with my schedule, agreeing to delay the start more than a couple times as other yard projects were juggled along with my out of town travel. Once work was started Hal and his crew worked efficiently and were fun to be around. He made sure to find out my preference for any design or building consideration that needed a decision, and also made adjustments to suit my taste. The whole project turned out beautifully and I've received many compliments from neighbors and people passing by. I'm very pleased with the result and happy to recommend Hal and his crew.

Jill Amble - Arden Hills, MN

Project #1 - The Mailbox

I have known Hal Morris for approximately 15 years and have seen his work over the course of time. It was finally time for some serious work to be done on the grounds of my home. I had no doubts as to who I would call upon for this work. My mailbox structure had seen better days. Weather, time, and a delivery truck had all taken their toll upon this poor dilapidated structure. Hal dug out the old structure and created a beautiful one in its place. Hal was easy to contact and prompt in his visit to do a walk through. He listened to what I wanted and built a gorgeous structure for me that blended well with other structures on my property. He was respectful and timely. I highly recommend Hal Morris.

Project #2 - The Porch with Trellis

My porch was very old and appeared to have rotting near the foundation of my home. I wanted to keep the built in bench that my father built. I also wanted to add a trellis where I may grow grapes in the near future. Hal came out, listened to my concerns, and did exactly what I envisioned. I say that he created playground equipment because my son has crawled and climbed all over Hal's structures and they are strong/sturdy enough to hold up through all of this. Playground structures indeed! Hal Morris was easy to contact. He came out in a timely manner for a walk through of my wishes. When it came to the porch, I had some specific and some vague ideas. Hal listened to what I had to say and asked questions for clarification. I needed the bench my father built to remain. I wanted the general shape to stay the same. I needed the structure of the house where the porch was attached to be checked for decay. I needed the porch itself to be replaced. I wanted a trellis to grow grapes and give shade to the seating area. I have viewed Hal's work and wanted his style yet a little different to go with the style of my home. Hal did all that I asked in a timely manner and with good graces towards myself and my family. I highly recommend Hal Morris.

Project #3 - The Garden

The garden needed new raised beds, fence repairs, a new gate and repairs to a bench with a wonderful seating arbor. Hal came out, listened to my wants, needs, and desires. He asked questions and listened some more. He came back with a quote and was given the go ahead to get to work. Hal was respectful of my wishes and created beauty within and around my garden. He also made my garden more rabbit proof to boot! I now have raised beds, a fence that works as a fence, a gorgeous gated entry arbor, and a Hal crafted bench within a seating pergola. I have to add that my son has been all over Hal's creations and they are strong/sturdy enough to be considered playground equipment! Hal was easy to contact and came to my home for a walk through of my needs in a timely manner. He listened and asked questions which made me feel heard and that he would work well with me. He called when he was going to come out so I would know when there would be someone working in my yard. He was respectful of myself and my family. When he completed his work, we walked through the project and I saw that he had taken all my needs, requests, and desires and created a garden in which I have pride.

Steven Adams - St. Paul, MN

Project #1

Design-wise, our situation is a difficult one: Our backyard is like a "fish bowl" with the way houses and yards surround our property; further, the space lacks definition. Hal worked with us to figure out the best way to solve these issues while beautifying the space. The structures themselves are attractive and extremely well built. For example, he used mortise and tendon joints to attach cross-members, while the posts are footed in concrete that drops below the frost line (we have a lot of clay in our yard, which can weak havoc on structures that aren't properly installed). There are not too many fence-building companies (if any) that will do that, yet those other companies charge at least as much as Hal. We did hit a few minor snags in communication. Communication is a two-way street, of course, so this is as much our fault as Hal's. If plans would have been drawn up beforehand, these snags probably could have been avoided. We ended up with a few surprises because everything hinged on conversations, written descriptions and references to photos from other jobs he's done. We are hiring Hal again to do more work. Whatever small communication issues we had I expect will be gone this next time (it's like getting to know someone), and the quality of Hal's work is really impressive.

Project #2

This is the second job where we've hired Garden Structures and we could not be happier with the work Hal and crew did. The new fences are a simple design but perfectly attractive. Moreover, they are solidly built (that is a high priority for me) As with our last experience, we found Hal's attention to detail is remarkable. And he is a real problem solver. He first worked to understand our goals and then worked with us to devise a solution. Now, with the structures in place, I feel a sense of relief in our yard. The other part of the job was creating an entry gate for the arbor he previously built. Again, he took our feedback and the result is a unique gate that is now the pleasing focal point of the structure. In our experience, Hal is honest, fair and plain spoken. Exactly what one hopes for in a contractor. A real craftsman. Hal Created/installed trellises and an arbor entrance, with the intention of defining spacing in our back yard while also improving privacy. We are very happy with the job Hal and his team did. It is clear that Hal takes great pride in his work, and it shows in his craftsmanship and his attention to detail. What's more, they were all nice to have around--always polite and considerate.

Ron Pike - Mound, MN

I thought that if anyone could create the fence I was looking for this guy was probably the one. I had just finished putting in a large waterfall and pond and needed something to help frame the rest of my back yard. I had purchased a rather thick book on lattice fencing a few years ago and showed Hal the picture and asked him if he could duplicate this detailed and intricate looking fence. He told me it would require a lot of mill work but that was what he was good at. And ............he was!!! The fence not only met my expectations, but it exceeded them. The fence consists of 6 panels and totals approximately 40'. It also has a 14' piece that is supported about 3-4 ' above and runs parallel to the top fence rail. This added feature really sets this fence apart. Now I can look forward to next Spring when I can put in another planting bed in front of this GREAT looking fence. Overall this was a great experience working with Hal in designing and finishing this project. Hal not only has terrific carpenter skills, but better yet is a real artist when it comes to working with wood and implementing both of our ideas into the finished product.

Linda Zelm - New Brighton, MN

Project #1

Hal gave us a bid for a picket fence and arbor. Although the price was reasonable, it was outside of our budget. So he redesigned the fence and modified the arbor and fit within our budget. He started exactly on time and ended on the date he said he would. The fence is gorgeous and has encouraged our neighbor to hire him also for a pergola and our other neighbor went out and bought 40 shrubs to adorn the fence on the other side where it currently is barren. Hal is a real person, a Vietnam vet who has tons of ailments but he still gets it done. A creative engineer type. Love him.

Project #2

The second time we used this company, they added to the fencing and build a large, roofed bird feeder. As always the job was done very nicely. I believe the photos of the fencing and arbor are on the company’s website. This gentleman is an artist and has an artist's temperament. he is a veteran also. Very interesting and hardworking man. Went great and it was a small job.

Gabrielle Simons - St. Paul, MN

Hal Morris removed our old fence and constructed a new one; removed the old deck and built a new one; built a new platform for our screened-in cabana area; and removed a rotting sliding glass door and corrected old structural issues surrounding that area and put in a new door. We brought Hal in just for an estimate on building a new deck for us. During the conversation, it came out that we were seeking estimates for a new fence, as well, and he showed us examples of the kinds of fence work he'd done in the past. Hal worked very closely with us, getting to know our home, our family, and designing a deck and a fence that spoke to the house's prairie style architecture, while still meeting our needs. His work, frankly, is gorgeous and unique. He is incredibly thorough and conscientious: he doesn't allow substandard work and is present throughout the project. Hal is an artist as well as someone who has "know-how." He attended to numerous structural issues with the house. I expect the deck and the fence to outlast humanity. And for those with budget concerns, like us, Hal is very competitively priced and he works within your budget. But, just as others have commented, it's the "Garden Structures *AND MORE* that we received from Hal. We definitely have the best looking fence and deck structures around! Definitely check out his website. We plan to work with Hal on more projects on our aging home!

Timothy Dykstal - Saint Paul, MN

Project #1

Hal Morris widened our existing deck by 3 feet and softened the back of our white stucco house by adding three 8 foot lattices for climbing plants, a larger lattice with an overarching pergola for shade vines to grow up, railings, flower boxes, wood boxes, and two floating benches. I agree with the positive comments here. The key to Hal Morris's "garden structures" work is the "and more." He is really more of an architect than a deck builder, or an artist with a hammer rather than a brush. He works with the existing forms of your house and your own preferences to design a structure that works for you. He solves problems. Our problem: a too stark, too big back to our white stucco house. His solution: a pergola for shade vines, flower boxes with more latticework, and a wider deck with floating benches to sit on. Best of all, he works with you as you work out a solution together. I can't believe all that we got for the money.

Project #2

Hal Morris had done other work at our home, so when I called him with the need for a fence, I knew I would get something unique. I needed a fence tall enough to keep the rabbits out of my vegetable garden, but short enough for me to step over, and with removable sections so I could get a rotor-tiller or other equipment _into_ the garden. Hal designed a fence that fit the bill elegantly. The removable sections--which he designed with an ingenious bracket system--are sturdy and reliable. The fence is beautiful: I have probably gotten ten compliments on it from alley passers-by. Perhaps best of all, Hal convinced me to turn the back of the garden fence into a trellis for pole beans. This summer crop was a bumper one and the trellis helped to make it so. If you need an artistic but practical solution to your fence or decking needs, employ Hal Morris.

Judith Screaton - Stillwater, MN

Remodeled outside deck by adding railings to deck and stairs so that my handicapped husband would be safe on it. In addition, Hal added large planters, and posts for hanging baskets. Everything looks great; solidly built, attractive and artistically designed for maximum enjoyment. Everything was done in a timely and pleasant manner. We have several weeks to plan our deck garden and the hanging tomatoes we'll grow right on the deck. Hal is an experienced gardener and gave us detailed instructions on growing and taking care of our plants. This building project was a pleasant experience and I highly recommend Hal Morris.